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Electrical installations, electrical measurements, etc.


Industrial relocation, custom spare parts production, steel constructions,  technical measurements of produced details and many more.

Li-Ion Batteries

Production machines, R&D machines, materials for Li-Ion batteries production.


Machines for PV modules production in CF (Conductive Film) technology, demo room, PV modules, etc.


Industrial electronic

Vacuum soldering equipment by budatec.

LED lightning

LED lightning systems for homes, offices and industrial buildings.



Clean Room Supplies

Poly and micro denier wipers, sticky mats, gloves, CR smocks, and many more...

Measurement technic

To meet customer expectations, RIM Teq in cooperation with its partner who has machine for industrial measuring technology CONTURA ® G2 RDS by Carl Zeiss. Measuring machine, allowing active scanning, has been substantially modernized and now provides greater flexibility and higher accuracy.

Fast scanning technology

Fast scanning technology is the standard for high-precision measurements. VAST scanning head allows rapid checking of shape deviations at high quality of the results. Changes in production processes can be detected in a timely manner, which ensures a higher quality of production, thereby minimizing the amount of the deficiencies.

If you are a manufacturing company and need to make quick measurement of the accuracy of manufactured parts, please contact us.

In order to perform measurements, please:

  • provide details,
  • send or provide technical drawings,
  • inform in which the angular tolerances is to fit the dimension (for readability of protocol),
  • inform in which way mark of workpieces during measurement - this allows you, to refere, to a specific detail in the measuring protocol.



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