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Electrical installations, electrical measurements, etc.


Industrial relocation, custom spare parts production, steel constructions,  technical measurements of produced details and many more.

Li-Ion Batteries

Production machines, R&D machines, materials for Li-Ion batteries production.


Machines for PV modules production in CF (Conductive Film) technology, demo room, PV modules, etc.


Industrial electronic

Vacuum soldering equipment by budatec.

LED lightning

LED lightning systems for homes, offices and industrial buildings.



Clean Room Supplies

Poly and micro denier wipers, sticky mats, gloves, CR smocks, and many more...

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RIM Teq team has big experience in service of production machines for Flat Panel Displays. In the past, working for ITOCHU SysTech, we were responsible for installation and troubleshooting of those machines in Poland, Germany and Turkey. Currently we have customers in Germany and in Turkey, which we support in case of troubles and maintenance.

By utilizing our good relationship with ITOCHU SysTech and machine makers, we are pleased to offer you, wide range of production machines for Flat Panel Display business. No matter what kind of raw display you have. We have technology to produce ready and working displays.

We can provide you whole production line, starting with:

  • washing machines
  • polarizer affixing machines
  • shunting and grinding machines
  • Outer Lead Bonding Machines (OLB)
  • PWB machines
  • inspection machines
  • assembly lines

Except production machines, we are able to provide you rework machines like for example Laser Repair machines.

If you would like to produce your own displays, please do not hesitate to contact us and inform us, what kind of technology you would like to use. We will be pleased to answer to your all questions.





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